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Show characteristics
anthropomorphic animals, and many of them show two front large buckteeth when they smile. All the Happy Tree Friends except for Lumpy and Sniffles have the same pink Care Bear heart-shaped noses.
At the beginning of each episode, the characters are typically found in everyday situations. (Also, they are often seen singing or humming the same tune.) However, these situations always escalate into violence, mostly because of very unfortunate, surprising accidents with otherwise harmless instruments.
Each episode starts with introduction credits resembling a children's book, which portray the show's logo, the episode's name, which is usually a pun, and cast. After the ending credits, a
follows. Examples include "Wash behind your ears!" and "Don't bite off more than you can chew!". While adding to the children's book theme, the moral sharply contrasts with the violence portrayed in the episode. Since the episode "Happy Trails Part 2", the moral is an ironic reference to what happened to the characters in that episode.
Internet episodes have a typical duration of less than three minutes. Usually only a few of the characters are used in a single episode, but occasionally larger episodes have been released where most of the characters appear. It should be noted that TV episodes last about half an hour, having three segments of about seven minutes.
Currently, new episodes are released once a month. An episode list can be seen on the official website, which contains a list of older episodes available on demand from the site. However, these episodes are only available for a limited time, as this list is exchanged with other episodes every other week.